Jesus the Christ

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teachings.

Christianity is either totally ridiculous or the one true faith. As a completion of Judaism it stands out from other religions which find their beginnings in someone seeking God and then discovering  a “way”  through certain beliefs, prayers or techniques.

Instead, God comes to us. Unsought and uninvited, He reveals Himself to Moses. He works wonders to get our attention and teach us. He speaks to us through the prophets. Then, most miraculously, He takes on our human nature and comes and lives among us, speaks to us, suffers for us, and through His death and resurrection, offers us eternal life.

While there are many prayers, rituals and precepts, they are all means of bringing us to Jesus. Without Jesus, the real, living, breathing man who is God, none of it is of any use. Jesus breaks our imagined barrier between the physical and the spiritual and enables us to sanctify our bodies and our material world as we live our lives in Him.

Christian life is not a set of abstract principles, or a set of hoops to jump through to win an eternal prize, but a living relationship with a real historical individual. We listen and speak to Him in prayer. We are physically united to Him in the Holy Eucharist. We love and serve Him as we love and serve our brothers and sisters in need.

There is only one Christ and that is the man Jesus. We must not construct for ourselves a “cosmic christ” that can be separated from the historical Jesus–that can be anything we want it to be because it is, at its root, nothing more than the “self”, from which Jesus came to free us .

Love Jesus, pray to the Father through Jesus, with Jesus and in Jesus. Serve Him in all people, offer Him everything you have and are. Die to your self that you might live forever in Jesus.

For Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.


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